Saturday, February 14, 2009

NYC Fashion Week: Day 2

Happy Valentine's Day!! Remember, there's nothing the Style Therapist loves to research more than the power of clothing. Here, Day 2 of NYC Fashion Week is explored in the most pared down manner possible. Don't forget, I'm channeling Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather. A Zorro Snap in a Z Formation is my opinion in the affirmative and Hated It is a thumbs down.

ADAM (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: To think this all started from extra soft t-shirts that Oprah loved. Plus I love the fact that Adam Lippes can realize Sonny Crocket in the form of a woman (looks 32 and 33)

Hated It: If you're able to pull off the jacket in look 5, more power to you. But I lived in a house with carpeting reminiscent of this piece.

LACOSTE (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Christophe Lemaire has brought this croc logo'd mainstay into a full-on lifestyle brand.

Hated It: There were a couple of Snuggie references (looks 13 and 14) that didn't sit well with me.

OHNE TITEL (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: With a wardrobe like this, one never has to ponder what to wear with what. High rate of wardrobe efficiency!

Hated It: However, a closet full of black can lead to gloom and doom moods that channel Daria.

UNITED BAMBOO (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Concise, consistent collection of separates, jumpers and dresses.

Hated It: No more little girl jumpers for grown women!

BARBARA TFANK (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Polished and ladylike without the froth.

Hated It: You'd better be really long in the waist to pull off look 1. Also, consider age appropriateness. These looks work better on a really grown woman. Youngins and boppers wait a little bit longer before taking on these pieces.

BIBHU MOHAPATRA (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Lovely, structured pieces that have an architectural quality without the stiffness. Tight collection with no extraneous filler.

Hated It: If you're going to wear the jacket that's lucky number 7 on the train, you may end up unlucky and stuck in the doors. Watch the closing doors please!

(view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Separates are such a core principle of the Style Therapy philosophy. Here the Ruffian team mix textures with both traditional and more left-of-center silhouettes

Hated It: If early 90210 and Clueless had a love child, she would end up being look 20. For some that's not a bad thing.

Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Biggup to this teddy bear duo for having their mannequins walking with arms akimbo. Why don't more mannequins do that these days? Oh yes, and I love their marvelous ability to drape like nobody's business.

Hated It: It's difficult to find fault here. But since nobody's perfect, I'll zone in on look 15. You know when you get out of the shower and you leave the towel around your neck for a bit?

(view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Marvelous play on colors, textures, prints, and periods. Plus, I love the idea of plopping all the models on a platform for a quick and easy presentation. No need for this one by one business on the runway.

Hated It: Watch out for the hem length in look 5. That's a universally unflattering length that should be attempted by no one.

(view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Does anyone still have a circle bag from back in the AsFour days? No? In any case, The Style Therapist is biased towards clothing cut on the bias. It drapes better and hangs off of the body beautifully.

Hated It: Stop cutting a whole into your tights! That headgear is for styling purposes only. Do not take these presentation looks so literally.

(view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: I love the scarves with holes for one's arms. It's the chic, cooler sister to the practical, yet embarrassingly mousy Snuggie.

Hated It: I'm aware that VPL stands for visible panty lines, but please do not leave the house in your drawers (look 11).

VENA CAVA (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: Strong grip on separates (a Style Therapy favorite) and the late 80s (more Just the Ten of Us than Small Wonder).

Hated It: Again, this is one of those lines that has such a strong vision, that any old Jane can't expect to throw on a Vena Cava piece and pull it off.

VERRIER (view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: These are the perfect pieces for those of you who are more boyish in figure. If you're lacking curves a good visual trick is to throw in some ruffles and frills to give the illusion of more curves.

Hated It: Ashleigh Verrier and a handful of designers have injected their collections with transparent pieces. That's not a hated it in and of itself. Just please remember to wear the proper underpinnings when sporting these looks.

(view the show)
Zorro Snap in Z Formation: The trench (look 1) and copper penny dress (look 12) are fire! I'm placing my order.

Hated It: The lampshade chapeaus are for styling purposes only people. Please do not go out and buy one. Remember the line of demarcation between runway and the real way.

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