Friday, October 31, 2008

TV Style Icon: Janet Wood

Janet Wood. Dedicated florist and steady tenant on Three's Company. With the revolving door of blonde flatmates (Chrissy, Cindy and Terri), Janet managed to retain her place in the Santa Monica apartment she shared with Jack Tripper. In Season 1, she had a modified Dorothy Hamill cut that was popular at the time. The next year, they put her in some overalls and gave her a perm. In the 1978-1979 season, her hair had grown out a bit and she was wearing styles just a notch below roomie Chrissy Snow. But by the turn of the decade, Janet had a fierce coif and outdressed the bouncy Ms. Snow. Wearing her Gloria Vanderbilt or Calvin Klein jeans with flesh toned stilettos, she'd done a complete sartorial 180.

For the remainder of the show's run, the football jerseys and coveralls from the early seasons didn't resurface. Her look continued to evolve, as personal style should, and she personified early 80s mass style. Pat Benatar is a close second, but Wood comes out on top.

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