Wednesday, October 29, 2008

But It's Fendi!

I can't begin to say how many times I've had Style Therapy clients refuse to get rid of a piece because it was designer. Nevermind that it didn't fit, made them look sallow, and didn't work with anything in their closet. As the incomparable Tyra Banks once remarked on her talk show, "Just because it's designer don't make it right."

A great deal of value is placed on the designer label; but remember, anyone can bop into Century 21 and buy a Dries van Noten blouse with shoe print stains on it for less than $100. I find that when a client buys a particular designer piece either marked down or at a sample sale, they're even more reluctant to part with it. Often the garment has the original tag with the manufacturer's suggested retail price; almost a reminder of how much of a steal the item was.

A pair of $825 Christian Louboutin pumps purchased for $200 at Loehmann's is worthless if they've never been worn because they're half a size too short and they're the source of bunions. On the other hand, if the shoes were purchased at retail (and at the proper size), and worn often, the cost per wear would have made the purchase well worth it.

I've been guilty of this misstep, only to take the unworn designer piece to the Salvation Army or Beacon's Closet. My advice is to pay more attention to the fit, quality, and versatility of the piece. Ensure that it has legs and can be worn often and well. Remember, designer items are capable of being tacky, overdone, and gauche. Being a slave to labels makes one a fashion victim. And there's no glory in being a victim.

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