Thursday, October 9, 2008

Excuse Me, I Have to Go Powder My Nose

Since when has it become acceptable to do one's entire face on the subway platform? Last week, I was waiting for the train during morning rush hour. A sea of people stood shoulder to shoulder anticipating the next A train. To my left was a petite woman, with semi-damp hair, in a dove grey skirt, suit looking up at a compact mirror. Not only was she applying her lipstick, but she swiped her concealer stick to hide the dark circles underneath her eyes. She also whipped out her eyeliner, lipliner, liquid foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and pressed powder. The piece de resistance was her eyelash curler. That's the one that really knocked the wind out of me.

In front of scores and scores of people, this woman was doing what I believe to be an intimate act of grooming. Makeup application is akin to plucking nose hairs and shaving armpits. It's something you do to maintain, but it's something to be done behind closed doors. Why stop at makeup? Why not bring a portable hairdryer on the train and maximize time that way?

Yesterday, another woman worthy of a role in I Pagliacci, was doing herself up. This time on the train itself. It was the early afternoon on the G, so the train was significantly empty, which made her actions even more pronounced.

There's nothing wrong with a quick patting of a shiny nose or the gliding on of lipcolor. But this kind of public makeover has reached egregious levels. An eyelash curler on the train platform. (Shaking head in disbelief). Was she serious?

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